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0 Calorie Valery @cosmicmocha@m.fork.sh

This is probably gonna be my main summer side project :p

I've been experimenting with different designs for my personal website and I'm stuck right now. I'm not sure whether I want it to take it on a information focused route or a more avant garde aesthetic focused direction :/

Lmao I spotted this hot rod on my uni's campus today

📣 PSA 📣

Twitter w/o Twitter

We have deployed Halcyon at itter.photog.social for our users.

It's a Twitter UI clone and has that old, familiar feel of Twitter. Great if the Masto UI isn't your cup of tea.

You can login to the interface with @[username]@photog.social and it will take you to your account settings to approve the application.

For other admins: the code is at github.com/halcyon-suite/halcy

Ping this account if you're using nginx + php-fpm or similar and we can get you more info.

For some weird reason the spotify web app works 10x better than their mac app for me, huh. 🙃

Oh coffee, oh sweet ambrosia of the gods 💖😊☕️

I have over 400 typefaces and only 7 have condensed variations. Wtf

Need a social diet? Hit me up, your very own personal zero cal Val pal! 👏😋🌈

Ugh I have an hour to kill in a train station.

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Good morning, friends.

You have a beautiful friend waiting for you in the mirror, don't forget to stop by and say hello. ❤️


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@cosmicmocha this feature will be surprisingly useful for future shenanigans 😈

I just learned that you can inject code in Ghost on a post by post basis

The worst part about library books is that you have to return them 😢

I just found out about a special edition Canadian quarter that uses Comic Sans and I want it! 😍 😍 😍